Welcome to Camp Blue Star Online

The health crisis in this country has put everything on hold.  Governor Murphy announced on Friday that Summer day camps would be allowed to open beginning on July 6th 2020. We are working on an action plan and waiting for guidance from the State on what will be requirements for camps.   For up to the minute information on the camp, it’s procedures, and how to register please email us at:   bluestar@hamiltonschools.org   and we will add you to our fast response email list.

Thank you,  Stay Safe                                                                                                                                 Mr. Cliff



Mission Statement


It is our goal to provide a stimulating, creative, and educational summer day camp program for the children of this community in a safe and controlled setting. We want every child to be challenged, both physically and mentally, and to excel to their greatest potential.




My Favorite part of camp was meeting new people and seeing my friends. I liked hanging out with the counselors in the pool. I liked doing the projects and Mr. Jim was and still is funny and nice. I wish this camp would never end. The only bad thing was when we went in the gym and I hit my knee. Today is going to be so much fun. Devon, Julia, Liz, David and I are doing a play, I can’t wait. Well I’ve got to go bye. My favorite counselor was Mr. Jim!!


  1. Steven Graziano

    Last year at camp blue star was a blast i had a great time seeing my summer friends and building amazing structures we all loved gaga and i am been waiting for it this whole year and i am so pumped for the sleep over and for what changes camp did this year to improve it.

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