Mr. Cliff’s New Wheels

Everyone knows that the Hess school is large, but when you look at the footprint of the entire complex it is huge.  The playgrounds, the athletic fields, the parking lots cover almost 100 acres and during the course of the summer camp blue star does its best to use all the space available.   The best part of summer is the weather, and the only way to enjoy the weather is to get outside, but taking campers outside presents its on challenges.  If it’s for and activity there is equipment that needs to be set up and taken down.  When it’s hot water jugs need to be refilled, when a camper falls and twists an ankle there needs to be an efficient way of providing aid.  It is with these concerns in mind that Camp Blue Star has added some really amazing modes of transportation.  The CBS carts, one gas powered and one electric, will enable the staff to use all the outside areas yet be only minutes from essential services.  Now  most golf carts, by design, are bland and boring, but Mr. Cliff had the new rides pimped out, Camp Blue Star style.  The over sized wheels, aluminum rims,  flip seating, lights- front and rear add a little bling  to the custom paint and graphic designs that make these carts awesome.

The new rides were featured last year with the first ever Camp Blue Star float in the Mays Landing Halloween Parade.  Our pirate ship float was a lot of fun and it was great to get many of the summer staff together again.  The staff was very excited to see so many campers both watching and participating in the parade.  We all hope to make this an annual tradition.

The new CBS Carts are just the first arrivals of many new additions to Camp Blue Star. I will keep followers of this feed updated as the new toys arrive. I know that some of us can’t wait till camp starts.

Have Fun!                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. Cliff


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