In March I attended the American Camping Associations, camp conference in Atlantic City. On the second day of the conference, seated at my dinner table, were mother and daughter Abby and Judy Hoeschler, two members of a world champion family in the competitive world of log rolling. Now if you’re like me and have fallen asleep in front of the TV while watching ESPN you may have awakened at 3AM to a screen featuring the lumberjack world series. Now most of the events in lumberjacking, (I may have just made that word up), feature large hairy men using tools that could easily turn a righty into a lefty, but among the exhaust fumes and the sharp edges of competition, the only event that looked like fun was log rolling. It is on these mammoth cedar logs, that male and female participants combine strength, speed , agility and an incredible sense of balance while cleverly competing in what can best be described as a cylindrical form of king of the hill.
The next day I spoke with Abbey and viewed the video’s of kid’s log rolling. I always search for out of the ordinary items that will provide campers with a truly unique summertime experience. I instantly saw how this would be a really cool addition to camp, and the pool. An activity that would combine a physical challenge, increase balance, improve posture, build core strength and be fun: it was a no brainer for me. ” I’ll take two.” I told her. The Key Log rolling system comes with trainers (strap on paddle wheels) that slow the rotation of the log, making if friendly for all ages and ability levels.
As this is being posted somewhere in the mid west two Key Logs are being loaded on a truck and are making their way east to Camp Blue Star. I can’t wait to play in the pool.


key log logo

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