The Future is now at Camp Blue Star

Watching Star Trek, both as a kid and an adult what Captains Kirk and Jean- Luc Picard  both had at their disposal was the use of the futuristic contraption they called the replicator.  Able to assemble atoms into molecules, and thereby able to create anything from gourmet meals to engine parts.  Now the existence of machines like the” replicator” are only found in science fiction, but the science, the software, and the machines themselves,  on a much smaller scale are showing up at universities, laboratories,  and leading design and manufacturing firms. I’m talking about 3D printers.   These machines , like standard printers, take the images on a computer screen and print them out. Instead of using ink, 3D printers use ABS plastic to make a dimensional version of what is on the computer screen.  These machines are revolutionizing  the way things are engineered, designed and manufactured,  and Camp Blue  Star has one.

Our 5th generation Makerbot 3D printer has been set up in my office since it arrived 3 weeks ago.  I have been playing and printing items, and I have to say, it is really cool.  To watch the print head move around, spitting out tiny strands of plastic a layer at a time, watching the image on my computer screen literally form in front of me, instantly teleports my mind into the future.  But being able to expose children to this kind of technology at a young age give them the chance to experience and contemplate the possibilities.   I want campers to be able to see how it these machines work, to play with the design software (CAD), and to research some of the amazing things that businesses, designers, and kid’s are already doing with these futuristic  machines.

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