Summer of 2022

If you are checking this web site out to see if there will be camp for the summer of 2022, I can tell you with a resounding YES there will be camp.  If you are wondering when camp will start, well I can’t answer that yet.  I can tell you that camp start date is determined by when school ends.  Our last day of classes was originally scheduled for June 17th but in the first week of January we had 3 snow days.  There is still a lot of winter to go and the powers that be are still trying to figure out how to best make-up the days, so keep tuned for updates.  But if you are like me and are missing GAGA, and the Pool, and can’t wait to see your summertime friends, do not encourage any more snow days.  That means no wearing your pajamas inside out and backwards, no shaking snow globes, and do not put that spoon under your pillow.  Let’s all do our part to hasten our return to Camp Blue Star, and getting back to the warmth of summer and diving into the Pool!

Stay Safe & Warm!

About campbluestar

Camp Director of Camp Blue Star

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