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Summer of 2022

If you are checking this web site out to see if there will be camp for the summer of 2022, I can tell you with a resounding YES there will be camp.  If you are wondering when camp will start, well I can’t answer that yet.  I can tell you that camp start date is determined by when school ends.  Our last day of classes was originally scheduled for June 17th but in the first week of January we had 3 snow days.  There is still a lot of winter to go and the powers that be are still trying to figure out how to best make-up the days, so keep tuned for updates.  But if you are like me and are missing GAGA, and the Pool, and can’t wait to see your summertime friends, do not encourage any more snow days.  That means no wearing your pajamas inside out and backwards, no shaking snow globes, and do not put that spoon under your pillow.  Let’s all do our part to hasten our return to Camp Blue Star, and getting back to the warmth of summer and diving into the Pool!

Stay Safe & Warm!

Giant New Playground

Last year, while we were all working from home, and learning from home, and hiding at home, work at the Hess school continued. Gone is the old climbing equipment, and the creepy spider ladder, replaced with rocket ship themed slides and tunnels over 15 feet high. It was all constructed over a 4-inch-thick rubber base. This playground can’t wait for campers to climb all over it.

Can’t Wait to get wet!

This Summer the Hess Pool will be a big part of Camp Blue Star.  As always we will be swimming every day, but this year we have even more time in the water.  The Hess pool is a beautiful facility with crystal clear water, diving board, and plenty of deck space to spread out when we are not in the water.   The newly installed ventilation system makes everyone more comfortable, and the only mask you can wear in the pool is a diving mask.   


Return From Exile

After too long an absence, the beloved Gaga Pit has returned home to Camp Blue Star. Over the past two years, because of the construction projects at the Hess school, the Pit was vanished to the cage behind the Shaner school.  It was stacked in the field behind the shed. I would drive by to check on it from time to time, only to find it being over taken by vicious vines and wicked weeds.  Sometimes I would see tears falling from the sides of the pit, (to be truthful, it could have been rain water draining), but, both the Gaga pit and myself missed the children’s screams of excitement and laughter.  If you have been to Camp Blue Star in the past you know it is the game that campers love, and talk about. If you’ve never been to camp, it is a game that needs to be played to be appreciated.  Bringing it back to the Hess School is one of the first signs of the rebirth of Camp Blue Star and the return to a kind of normal world.   The Gaga pit looks a little lonely and will need some work before camp starts, but I can tell it is happy to be home and longing to be filled with campers scurrying about.    

We are still excepting campers for this summer, and registration is available at or call 609-476-6311 for more information.

Day 2 Wierd Sports

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The Virtual Adventure Begins

Week #1 Weird NJ
submission email

It is my hope that Virtual Camp Blue Star can provide you with a distraction to all the weirdness around us. It is strange for me too, and we are all learning as we do. This is not really camp and we all can’t wait till we are back playing Gaga again. Sincerely, Mr. Cliff


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